Departmental Information


The UNT Trombone Studio Departmental is in session every Wednesday at noon in Voertman Hall, during the Fall and Spring semesters. This is a requirement for every student studying with a faculty member to perform a solo piece on at least one trombone studio departmental each semester , unless officially excused.

Students who are required to perform on a departmental will be assigned a departmental performance date. The piece may be unaccompanied, but if it was composed with accompaniment, you MUST perform it with accompaniment.
trombone student, especially those studying with a TF, may perform on any open departmental with his/her teacher’s approval.

Departmentals become very crowded at the end of the semester, so please sign up as early as possible. It also pays ($$$) to procure pianists early, as the cost may increase as the semester progresses and can eventually become impossible to find.

Program Information:

  • ●  If you are playing in departmental this semester, you must send your complete program

    information by midnight of the Friday before your performance (hard cutoff). For instance, if you are performing on Wednesday, 9/13/17, send your complete program information by Friday, 9/08/17.

Items to Remember:

  • ●  Know your performance date! Discuss your performance with your applied teacher

    before you sign up for departmental.

  • ●  The solo should not exceed the allotted 9 minute performance time. To ensure, for

    longer works please make the necessary cuts.

  • ●  If you forget to sign up for your scheduled date, please fill out the document once again

    to be considered for the next departmental. In these cases, scheduled performers have

    first priority on performing.

  • ●  We will not chase you down to perform. Everyone is busy and we must uphold our own

    responsibilities of performing. Please DO NOT bother faculty about departmental issues. I am more than willing to handle these situations that arise, that is what I’m here for. More than likely the faculty already have an understanding of what is going on.

  • ●  Most importantly, MAKE MUSIC AND HAVE FUN!!!!! 

Use the following link to request to perform and to enter your progam information: