Lucas Borges Accepts Position at Ohio University

It is with a great deal of excitement that the UNT studio announces that Lucas Borges has recently accepted the position of trombone professor at Ohio University in Athens, OH.  He has been an outstanding TF for us during the past four years, and we're confident he will do a fantastic job in his new position. Ohio is lucky to get him. During his tenure at  UNT, he studied with Vern  for three years, Tony for one year, and  received extensive teaching guidance from Jan over his entire four-year tenure at UNT,  making it a complete team effort.

We all wish Lucas the very best of luck in his new position.  Congratulations!!! Parabéns e muito boa sorte, meu amigo! Estou tão feliz por você e sua família. Você fará muita falta.