UNT Trombonists Fare Well In Paris

UNT trombonists Freddy Ouellette, Evan Sankey and the Maniacal 4 Quartet (Carl Lundgren, Nick Laufer, Alex Dubrov and Matt Jefferson) definitely made their presence known at the International Trombone Festival held July 4–7, 2012 at the Paris Conservatoire.
Freddy Ouellette was named the winner of the 2012 George Roberts Bass Trombone Competition by a distinguished international panel of judges.  Both of his performances were outstanding and garnered many compliments.
Evan Sankey turned in an outstanding performance in the Larry Wiehe Trombone Competition, but the judges awarded the top spot to a different player, so he'll have to wait until next year to try again.
The Maniacal 4 received one of the best audience responses of the entire Festival with their packed house performance on July 7.  Their program was varied, interesting and extremely well done.  For many in attendance, their performance was the highlight of the week.
Congratulations to all for their outstanding representation of the UNT Trombone Studio.
Freddy Ouellette, Jan Kagarice, Evan Sankey, and Jessica Flores celebrate a successful competition.
Paris Shot